Share all know-how for business. 

Publicize for altruistic happiness together.

Be the key connection to the business success.


Makerce is market consulting & management company with media publicizing.

Makerce focuses on start up discovery and support to develop new business model with consulting and management project.

Makerce offers appropriate operating solution to the clients with variety field's experts.

Makerce is looking foward to challenging and experiencing variety fields and businesses.

Our Services

We are looking forward to supporting start-up businesses.

Also, waiting for companies to grow up revenues.



Custom consulting service will lead your business to successful solutions. Take our ideas to avoid wasting time.

Management Services

Trust us to manage your business plans or our consulting plans when you can't control with various reasons.



Special curriculum for operating class will be offered to start up business owners to pass on our operating skill.

Contact Us

 Address. 184-60 Jamaica Ave, Jamaica, NY 11423

Tel. +1 646) 576 0722