"What is audio PT... Top 4 fitness services."

Millennials are changing the existing perception of the movement. Instead of going to the gym directly, the number of people exercising at the desired time and space is increasing. Personalized fitness services are attracting attention, including exercise at home and home training, as the time spent staying at home increases over the long term. "HomeFit" is a platform that allows you to bring your own trainer home to exercise. It is annoying to go outside, but a visit PT service for those who want to exercise. Home Fit visits in accordance with the desired location and time of the exercise coach. Currently, more than 500 exercise coaches are active nationwide. As of November last year, the cumulative number of classes exceeded 20,000. “The trend of mobile, on-demand, and personalization of existing offline services that are accelerating from Millennial is rapidly spreading toward fitness,” said Strong Ventures CEO gi Hong Bae, who has invested in Pre-Series A at "Homefit". It has been explained that Millennials' needs are becoming more important.

On the other hand, you have to go to the studio yourself, but there are also services that allow you to receive customized training by using the provided exercise equipment. "Gymty", which runs a private training studio, T-Lab, is a service that allows you to perform 1:1 customized exercises with trainers in studios around 400 Sqft. By minimizing space, the rent burden is reduced, and studios are opened in several places, allowing users to conveniently receive PT anywhere. Currently, "Gymty" operates a total of 24 studios in the metropolitan area, and also provides services to corporate employees in partnership with shared offices. "Gymty", which has recently succeeded in attracting 4 billion won of follow-up investment, is also planning to launch an AI home training game that combines exercise and fun with service expansion. Pursuit of perfection. "Litness", a home training service that allows you to receive trainer coaching at home through a video call solution, has provided several classes including core, aerobic, pilates, and foam roller stretching since its launch in December last year. The trainer has the advantage of being able to receive posture correction as well as motivation because they exercise together.

"Sound Gym" offers 20 categories including treadmills, indoor bikes and outdoor running. The strength of the "sound gym" is that the trainer can feel the presence of being at the side and can exercise without getting tired, and the PT effect can be obtained at a cost of one tenth of the cost of receiving a personal PT. "Sound Gym" has attracted a drastic investment from Naver earlier this year, and plans to expand it to an audio content platform across lifestyles such as meditation and lifestyle by cooperating with large portal services.

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